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Fineness modulus is a single factor computed from the sieve analysis and is defined as the sum of the cumulative percentages retained on the sieve of the standard series divided by 100. The fineness modulus can be looked upon as a weighted average size or a sieve on which the material is retained, and the sieves being counted from the finest.

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In current study, the high performance concrete mixes were prepared using locally available river sand. The sand used was confining to zone 3. Fineness modulus and specific gravity of the sand were found to be and respectively.

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FINENESS MODULUS OF AGGREGATE – WHAT, WHY HOW . Sep 1, 2014 What is Fineness Modulus of Aggregate? Fineness modulus is an empirical factor obtained by adding the cumulative percentages of aggregate retained on each of the standard sieves ranging from 80 mm to 150 micron and dividing this sum by 100. Fineness Modulus of Sand

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Physical Comparison of Sand and SCBA . The physical properties of cement and RHA are given in Table 1 and Table 2. The fineness modulus of SCBA was calculated to be which place it in ZONE 1 but sand used in design mix of concrete lies in ZONE 2. The comparison of sieve anlaysis is .

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Fineness modulus of sand (fine aggregate) is an index number which represents the mean size of the particles in sand. It is calculated by performing sieve analysis with standard sieves. The cumulative percentage retained on each sieve is added and subtracted by 100 gives the value of fineness modulus.

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Fineness modulus of sand – CGM mining application. Thus the object in this paper is to find the best fineness modulus of sand to get the optimum grading of . CHAPTER 2 SIEVE ANALYSIS AND FINENESS MODULUS . »More detailed

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Bulking of sand depends on the quantity of moisture in the sand and also the size of the particles. Five to eight percent of the increase in moisture in sand can increase the volume of sand up to 20 to 40 percent. Again the finer the sand is more will be the increase in volume and increase in volume will be relatively less for coarser sand.

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FM(Fineness Modulus of Aggragate) WHAT IS FINENESS MODULUS OF AGGREGATE? Fineness modulus is an empirical factor obtained by adding the cumulative percentages of aggregate retained on each of the standard sieves ranging from 80 mm to 150 micron and dividing this sum by 100. Fineness Modulus of Sand

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Example sentences with "fineness modulus", translation memory. A lightweight cementitious composition containing from 10 to 90 volume percent of a cement composition, from 10 to 90 volume percent of particles having an average particle diameter of from mm to 8 mm, a bulk density of from g/cc to g/cc, an aspect ratio of from 1 to 3,...


Some agencies require that aggregates be processed to Fineness = 9(100) 302 = 900 302 Modulus 100 100 remain within upper and lower limits of fineness modulus. Such requirements are more frequently Fineness applicable to fine aggregate than coarse aggregate = Modulus or combined aggregate.

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Excel Sheet For Sieve Analysis Of Aggregate And To Calculate Fineness Modulus 8:53 PM civil Excel Sheets. Excel Sheet For Sieve Analysis Of Aggregate And To Calculate Fineness Modulus. The sieve analysis, commonly known as the gradation test, is a basic essential test for all ... SOIL MECHANICS LABORATORY MANUAL.


The Fineness modulus of river sand is Manufactured Sand: MSand was used as partial replacement of fine aggregate. The bulk density of Manufactured sand was kg/m3, specific gravity and fineness modulus was found to be and, respectively.

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Fineness Modulus The fineness modulus is related to gradation. This term is commonly associated with aggregates for portland cement concrete. The purpose is to determine the relative coarseness or fineness of the aggregate grading. The fineness modulus .

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How to calculate fineness modulus of aggregate, what is the acceptable range of fineness modules of fine aggregate? a.)calculated by adding the cumulative % of mass retained on each of a specified series of sieves (No. 100, 50, 30, 16, 8, 4, 3/8 in, 3/4 in, 11/2 in, 3 in, 6 in) and divide sum by 100

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and fineness modulus is given by Table 4. The value from the table multiplied by the dryrodded unit weight (the ovendry (OD) weight of coarse aggregate required per cubic foot of concrete). To convert from OD to saturated surface dry (SSD) weights, multiply by [1 + absorption capacity (AC)]. Mix Design Procedures ACI Mix Design


confirmed that the optimum Fineness Modulus for the crushed stone to be used as fine ... Stone and its Effect on Concrete Properties Used in the United Arab Emirates. ... Natural aggregates such as sand from sea, river, dune or crushed fine stone are .

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The optimum ratio of young's modulus was obtained at 80:20(quarry: river sand) for washed samples, but for unwashed samples at 70:30 only. At 70:30 ratio for quarries sand with river sand, young's modulus of concrete is comparatively % to % more than that of similar mix of conventional concrete.

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The fineness modulus of sand was calculated using the given equation; Fineness Modulus ( FM ) = ∑ Cumulative Weight Percentage Retained on Each Sieve 100 The results of sieve analysis and fineness modulus are given in Table 5 .

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